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Bio-Metric Device Solutions

Biometric Device Solutions

Netgulf’s biometric device solutions are designed to empower you to manage your human resources effortlessly. No matter the size of your company, it’s obvious that your priority would be to ensure that only authorized individuals can gain access to your data and premises. Netgulf brings robust identification capability to any organization.

We take pride in providing a diverse range of biometric hardware solutions. Our lineup includes fingerprint scanners, facial recognition cameras, iris scanners, and voice recognition systems. These sophisticated devices capture and convert unique biometric attributes into secure identifiers, ensuring that access is granted only to authorized individuals.

Be it the entrance to your corporate headquarters or sensitive data centers, our systems provide unmatched security and simplicity.

When it comes to our Biometric Single Sign-On (SSO), users can access multiple applications, systems, and resources with a single biometric authentication, eliminating the need for remembering multiple usernames and passwords. This not only enhances security but also boosts user productivity.

For businesses, our biometric time and attendance systems redefine efficiency. Clocking in and out is no longer susceptible to time fraud. Automated time and attendance processes ensures reduced errors, prevents time fraud, and saves time and resources that would otherwise be spent on manual data entry. Your employees can securely log their work hours with biometric verification, ensuring precise time records. Furthermore, our experienced engineers build biometric systems that seamlessly integrate with your payroll software, simplifying the monthly employee salary processing to a single click.

Businesses in Saudi Arabia and the UAE can take advantage of Netgulf’s state-of-the-art biometric device solutions, ensuring secure, economical and convenient employee management. 


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