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When you start a business, you will require a complete IT solution for it, one that is secure and makes use of the latest technology. Setting up IT services is a near-impossible task for laypersons. It’s always best to take the help of a professional IT team and get the task done efficiently and well. 

From establishing IT networks to upgrading them, putting servers in place to ensuring data security, these are some of the essential aspects that need to be taken care of. Our professional and expert team at Netgulf will take care of every aspect of the network setup, management, and maintenance. 

Our IT infrastructure setup service comes in two flavors. We recommend and provide consultation for the initial setup of IT infrastructure and we also offer upgradation of existing infrastructure. After a consultation with you, we will execute the complete setup task. 

At Netgulf we have special experience in structured cabling for voice and data. We also take care of server room setup and VoIP (Hybrid PBX, IP PBX). 

The expertise of our team in setting up IT infrastructure for businesses cannot be rivaled. Ours is a very seasoned crew. We can assist you with the IT setup of your business. 

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