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Annual IT Support Contracts

One of the most essential things in running a business is to eliminate downtime for the computers and systems on which the entire enterprise relies. If the computer systems crash, then it’s important to get them up and running quickly so that business is not affected in the least.

This is the primary reason why businesses decide to sign an AMC or Annual Maintenance Contract for IT support. This ensures that the company has adequate IT support to back it up in times of need.

The team at Netgulf covers the maintenance of devices such as:

  •      Personal computers, laptops, and servers
  •      Scanner and printers
  •      Network routers and switches

With the Annual Maintenance Contract signed and ready, our team of experts will be at your disposal to help you manage and maintain the systems. Our team of experts will tackle any issue you may face with the IT infrastructure at your organization. We can also arrange for an IT team to visit your location for Incident-based support as well as for preventive maintenance visits.

The team at Netgulf is well-experienced and can handle issues with multiple software, operating systems, and hardware configurations. The team is particularly efficient and solves problems quickly so that the lifeline of your business is not hampered in any way.

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