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Odoo CRM

Looking to generate leads? Odoo CRM is a goldmine for generating leads from various sources onto a single platform. If you are not familiar with the IT solutions market and need an expert to select an appropriate CRM for your business, you've come to the right place. 

Netgulf is a dedicated Odoo CRM solutions provider, experienced in customizing the solutions to suit each unique business. You can rest assured that your customer relationship management will have an intuitive platform.

Smooth Communication

From email templates that enable consistent and professional correspondence to customer alerts that prompt timely follow-ups, and live chat and 'Discuss' modules that allow real-time interactions, Odoo CRM is excellent for customer communication. 

Sales Management

With Odoo CRM's a dedicated window for sales management your team gets a centralized hub to seamlessly monitor opportunities, track progress, and efficiently manage deals.

Sophisticated Tools

You can take advantage of Odoo CRM's key lead management tools, including lead mining, lead generation, deduplication and lead enrichment. Enable your team to identify and nurture potential customers effectively, enhancing your conversion rates and sales success.

Customer Pipeline Management

To efficiently organize your customer pipeline Odoo CRM divides it into customizable stages that match your unique sales processes. You can easily track leads as they progress through these stages, ensuring a clear, visual representation of where each prospect stands in the sales journey. This streamlines decision-making and boosts sales effectiveness.

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