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GPS Tracking

GPS tracking software is a very crucial component of those businesses that deal with logistics. Building this software from scratch and deploying it is not easy. However, with the right team by your side, businesses can create a useful GPS tracking software tool that can be used for tracking and other purposes. 

The GPS tracking software solution can be supported on a cloud solution or an on-premises solution, depending on your requirements. 

This software typically has an interface and a dashboard which are optimized for desktops and mobiles. You can view the real-time location of trackable items or vehicles once the system has been set up for use. The software can also provide live alerts for you, and we incorporate email and push notifications as you require. There is another feature that can be incorporated into the software and that is preparing reports. The software will automatically prepare and create a report that can show you the details of the entire process. More features can be added to your GPS tracking software as you see fit. If you require customization in the software, reach out to the Netgulf Team, and we will incorporate any notable suggestions. 

If this is your requirement, you can reach out to Team Netgulf for a consultation. We can customize and create GPS tracking software from scratch for businesses that require it. Contact us today. 

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