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Sage People

Sage People markets itself as an HRMS for small and mid-sized businesses. People management just became easier with this platform. There are 7 aspects of people management that can be achieved with the help of Sage People. They are as follows: 

  • Core HR
  • Leave management
  • Timesheets
  • Performance management 
  • Expenses
  • Shift Scheduling 
  • Recruitment 

Mid-sized and growing businesses will thrive with the use of Sage People to manage their internal resources. For businesses with less than 25 people, Sage People also offers a unique payroll system that simplifies the month-end process of salary payment. 

Unlike other HRMS, this is targeted to small and medium-sized businesses only. So, if yours is a small or medium-sized business, reach out to us for a consultation and setup for the same. It also comes in a mobile app version, so businesses can take advantage of this feature-laden HRMS on the go. 

Reach out to Netgulf for a consultation on the set-up process. We can assist you with an effective setup process that will customize the entire HRMS for your small or medium-sized business. We can help to change the settings and configure an HRMS that is useful for your HR team and helps them save time and energy. Reach out today for a consultation. 


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